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 a Tree that grows in the best conditions height growth of 30-40 metres and a diameter of up to 100 see Barrel pine growing up in a relatively closed stands, slim, straight, flat, highly purified from the branches in spare plantations or in the expanse of the tree less high, trunk triangular and more bitches.

  Crown of young trees cone, later - rounded, wide, and in old age even umbrellas or flat. This depends on the nature and speed of growth of the Central axis and lateral shoots.

  Bark different parts of the tree with different thickness and colour: the bottom of the barrel it is usually thicker and coarser, grooved, reddish-brown, almost gray; in the middle and upper parts of the trunk and larger branches of the crown - yellowish red, peeling thin slices, almost smooth, fine; on young trees and thin branches are gray - green. The thickness of the crust reaches 10-12% of the diameter of the trunk.

  Young shoots glabrous, with brown scaly leaves, greenish-gray. Kidney reddish-brown, oblong-ovate, pointed, 6-12 mm in length, in most resinous, set on the end of the shoots whorled around the end buds, sometimes buds appear on the side shoots, but children do not form.

  Needles glaucous-green, convex from above, from the bottom flat, rigid, pointed, up to 8 cm and width up to 2 mm in life Expectancy needles 2-3 years. However, there are cases when some areas of the vast area of pine with the specific terms of habitat life expectancy needles increased to 6-8 years and more. Most old needles typically falls annually.

  Male spikelets yellow or reddish, ovoid, 5-7 mm in length, sitting crowded on short legs at the base of young shoots of the current year, appear 2-3 days earlier than women's. Stamens with two anthers being opened after longitudinal slit.

  Female cone of the oval form, 5-6 mm, during flowering reddish, sitting on 1-3 on short legs at the end of the young shoots of this year and consist of the coriaceous coverts scales in the axils of which are seed scales with two семяпочками each. Pollination occurs in the spring, with the assistance of the wind, and fertilization occurs in the summer of next year.

  Cones pine trees ripen in the autumn, and the seeds of them began to sleep in the spring of next year. In Bryansk array this phenomenon occurs on average 12 may, or through 718 days after flowering. In the suburbs pine seeds begin to get enough sleep from the cones may 4, or 8 days earlier than in Bryansk, Nerekhta - may 5, or through 709 days after blooming, in Обозерской near Arkhangelsk, April 28, or through 677 days after blooming.

  The largest number of pine seeds falls in may and June. So, according to the observations of the BSSR, in April falls 4.8% of the number of seeds in may - 62,2%, in June - by 28.5%, in July - by 4,1%, in August and September - by 0.4%.

  Mature pine cones, oblong-ovate, with a length of 2.5-7 cm and a width of 2-3 cm, brownish-gray, Matt, with dense woody seed scales, hanging on bent legs down. Shields, or apophyses, at the ends of the seed scales Matt or слабоблестящие, almost rhombic, the navel (the mound of Apophis) слабовыпуклый. There are bumps, red-brown, purple-brown, grey, grey-green (Fig. 3).

  Pine seeds, oblong-ovate, length 3-4 mm of different colors (mottled gray and black) to the wing is 3-4 times longer than seeds, cover the seed with the two sides as the clippers and easily from him detach.

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